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What if…

Instead of experiencing anxiety about papers and finals, you could feel confident and at peace?

Instead of fake relationships, you built deep, legit ones that last well beyond your college years?

Instead of uncertainty about the future, you were confident of your chosen career track and purpose in life?

Instead of going into massive debt, you kept expenses to a minimum, keeping more cash in your bank account?

What if you could CRUSH COLLEGE LIFE?  With CCL you can.  You’ll learn…

Build the Future of Your Dreams, Ace Every Semester.

CCL is a student-tested, step-by-step process that shows you exactly how to make the most of college life, while ramping up into academic beast-mode.

It shows you exactly what to do every step of the way, right down to daily habits and the fundamental hacks of the successful and happy college student.

With Crush College Life, you get video coaching where I take you through all the steps of building the college experience of your dreams. That means you also get my college success guide… including Academic Beast-Mode Secrets, Confidence Hacks, the Authentic Relationships Blueprint, and the Career Track Checklist.

But, it doesn’t stop there… You also get access to me through Q&A sessions and group counseling calls. You get digital audio tracks, overview transcripts and even more — and it’s all easy to learn and simple to use.

In short, Crush College Life is a method, a system, and a proven program including principles that my students have applied very successfully over and over.

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Stone Jordan is best known for the Stretch Game“.  Watched over a million times, world-wide and featured on Entrepreneur, the show is focused on empowering professionals to discover a deeper sense of purpose while mastering higher productivity .

Stone is also a long-tenured college minister on the campus of Missouri State University and is the creator of Crush College Life,” a simple yet powerful program on how to achieve success in all areas of college life while squeezing the most out of the experience.

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